Mozzie Dome Franchising

About Mozzie Dome

Mozzie Dome’s Story: A Unique Approach to Mosquito Management


At Mozzie Dome, we’re all about community. We created a pest control company to bring neighbors, friends, and family together for more great times outdoors. As part of your local communities, we are committed to offering the best and safest mosquito control options available with an Integrated Pest Management system and natural treatment options.

Established in 2022, the brand was created with a mission to set the highest standards in mosquito, flea, and tick prevention. The founders have been in the service industry for a collective of 20+ years.

Mozzie Dome is brought to you by the HomeFront Family of Brands. We have the experience you can trust to build brands that strengthen and support local communities. With a proven sales, marketing, and training track record, our business plan has been proven time and time again. Our team members pride themselves on a dedication to service excellence and satisfied clients. The days of mosquito fly-bys and itchy bites are numbered.


David Blue is the visionary co-founder and president behind Mozzie Dome.

David’s interest in the wonderful world of insects began at the University of Wisconsin, studying entomology. Though his focus shifted to entrepreneurship, his passion for sustainability and environmental awareness remains a driving force. David’s franchise knowledge and brand-building experience were instrumental in bringing the brand to life.